How long will my renovation take to complete?
This will depend on the size of the project and how many other trades are involved. Smaller projects can take anywhere from 4-5 business days whilst large renovations could take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Do I need to project manage the renovation?
The best thing about engaging Mildura Kitchens & Bathrooms for your project is that we will take away all of the hassle for you and project manage your renovation. We will keep you informed and follow up with all trades involved to get your renovation over the line.

What warranty protects my renovation?
Every project we complete, attracts a 7-year workmanship warranty from us. Any fixtures and fittings we install hold their own warranty that you will need to register with the manufacturer.

Do I need to sign a contract?
Any project that has been quoted for a value of over $5,000 attracts a contract known as a “Minor Works Contract” which you will need to sign before any work can commence.

Can I purchase my own tiles, fixtures and fitting for my renovation?
Absolutely- if you find products that suit your style, taste and the project, please feel free to purchase them. If you aren’t sure of specifications we can help you too, or we can guide you to specific suppliers that we know and trust. We want each client to be as involved in their renovation as much or as little as they would like!

Do I need to be at home during the renovation?
If you prefer, you and your family can relocate somewhere temporarily whilst we work on your project, or we are more than happy to have you at home during work.

Do you offer design suggestions?
We will work with you to offer design suggestions and ideas from the latest trends to more traditional ideas. We will work with you to understand your style and find a design to suit the space.

Do I need to know what I want for my design before contacting Mildura Kitchens & Bathrooms?
No, you don’t. We will work with you through our step by step design process to discover what you like and what products are on the market that will suit. We are happy to work through an initial discovery workshop to finalise and purchase all of the products that are required for your project.

What happens to the material that you have demolished?
As part of the quote, we dispose of any waste materials- we have large, specifically designed bins onsite to ensure safe removal of any building material.

Why should I choose a licensed builder?
Licensed builders are obliged to offer certain aspects for each client, as this guarantees quality of work completed and long-term value for the client. We have to be compliant to all building standards and offer a builder’s warranty. The quality of workmanship is high, and we have a wide network of trades that we work with to benefit all clients.



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      VIC: DB-L 44399
      NSW: 283901C


      VIC: DB-L 44399
      NSW: 283901C